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The background engine to the website has now been updated but , at the moment, the format of the website will look a little different whilst we try to get the various components settled in.

The upgrade was a reasonably big one in that we needed to update both the background engine and also the version of PHP that underpins it. Some of the parts of the website are aging now and there have been some compatibility issues that I have had to (and continue to) work through.

The layout of the forum also looks different , bear with me on that. The upgrade from the old to the new means that the old template we used no longer worked so I am working to customise the current one.

You will also see some changes in the coming days as well, we needed to get these upgrades in because we were running on out of date software and these in themselves presented a security issue.



Welcome to the home page of the Hudson Essex Terraplane Club. You have found the official website of the Hudson Essex Terraplane (H-E-T) Club, Inc, an organization dedicated to preserving the products of the Hudson Motor Car Company of Detroit, Michigan (1909-1954) and American Motors Corporation (1955-1957).

Our club was founded in 1959 by Merrit Marks and currently has around 2800 family memberships with over 1300 members on this site. 

The Club has four regional meets , one International Meet every year and many local Chapter meets. Click here to see the list of upcoming events.

We have local chapters all over the US and members in many foreign countries. This site is the on-line community for our wonderful club. If you have a love of Hudson-built cars and trucks, we would love for you to join us.

Come join us for a Hudson Family Vacation

 Register for the 2023 HET International Meet

First, members login to your account.

Second, make your reservations at the Chateau on the Lake by clicking on the link below:

Chateau on the Lake Reservations


Third, pull up the online registration form and register for the meet:

 2023 HET International Meet Registration


Download the registration form:

2023 International Meet Registration




 Chateau on the Lake Information

Download the 2023 International Meet Flyer

New Gateway Chapter Website


The Gateway Chapter has a new website - click Gateway Chapter Website to check it out!



Want to join the club? Click here and gain access to the White Triangle News which is our multi-year Golden Quill award winning magazine that will arrive in your mail box 6 times a year.



Our online Club Library has hundreds of manuals, tech articles and much more. For Club members, you can look at online versions of the White Triangle News.

See below for the most recent additions :